SQL Server slowing start up of laptop

Oct 10 2013

Not sure why but still seem to bump into developers and other general code monkeys who still don't shut down their PC's for the simple fact the start up time is too long due to all the services that run at start up and normally chief amongst which is the start up of SQL server.

Personally I'm a laptop user so long commutes really do preclude not shutting down properly so I just use a batch file to stop and start what I need!

The following are for SQL Server 2012.

# Replace {YourInstance} with your actual instance name!! 

sc start MSSQL${YourInstance}
sc start ReportServer${YourInstance}
sc start MSSQLFDLauncher${YourInstance}
sc start MSOLAP${YourInstance}
sc start MsDtsServer110
sc start SQLAgent${YourInstance}

stopping is obviously just a case of switching start for stop and then you can start your instances as and when you need them (or not at all if you're on a dreaded documentation day)

You will also need to set your service startup types to manual and for the truly lazy amongst you the script below will do it for you!

# Replace {YourInstance} with your actual instance name!!
sc config MSSQL${YourInstance} start= demand 
sc stop MSSQL${YourInstance} 
sc config ReportServer${YourInstance} start= demand 
sc stop ReportServer${YourInstance} 
sc config MSSQLFDLauncher${YourInstance} start= demand
sc stop MSSQLFDLauncher${YourInstance}
sc config MSOLAP${YourInstance} start= demand
sc stop MSOLAP${YourInstance}
sc config MsDtsServer110 start= demand
sc stop MsDtsServer110
sc config SQLAgent${YourInstance} start= demand
sc stop SQLAgent${YourInstance}


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