Consultancy & Project Management

Damutu prides itself on being able to put the right people in the right place at the right time.

Our consultants will integrate themselves with your business to ensure that they deliver as expected against your project or long term goals taking into account factors such as sector regulations, business objectives & management direction.

We can work comfortably in most sectors but where we really shine is within supply chain and e-commerce, this is also our passion. E-fulfilment is by far and away the biggest growth sector in the supply chain and brings unique challenges to those used to dealing with customers in stores or on the internet.
We have faced these challenges and are well placed to guide your business projects and implementations to a sucessful conclusion.

We can also fill interim management and technical roles helping you deal with exceptional volumes or the unexpected departure of a key member of staff.

To view a full range of services offered please see our Consultancy page.

Applications & Bespoke Development

Buying software is a bit like buying a new car, a few weeks or months of anticipation and excitement followed by several years of disappointment wishing you had brought the other make!

Does this sound familiar?

Thankfully it doesn't have to be like that, Imaging if you could choose the front end of an Audi and the rear of a BMW with the interior of a Mercedes and at the flick of a switch it would perform like an F1 car! Sound good? We offer the software equivalent of that.

You choose the look, you choose the feel, you can even add go faster stripes if that's what you want! We facilitate your requirements and provide the "mechanics" that build your dream software.

We advise every step of the way and don't worry, on ground up projects not only do you have the code but you will also own the copyright to the softwareso you can sell it, modify it or do anything your heart desires!!

What's more if you contact us about a project you have in mind we will scour the market to ensure that the software doesn't already exist and if it does we will point you in the right direction hopefully saving you time, money and if the alternatives do not meet your requirements we will even help with the investigation of modifications and additions.

To find out more about our application development service please see our Applications page.

Business Intelligence

We like charts and graphs but we have a passion for useful charts and graphs!

Using a combination of tools we can help you gain insight into your business by delivering information when it is needed rather than waiting for overnight data builds or waiting for your analysts to compile the data.

Our BI consultants have over 30 years combined experience across all of the key BI platforms and can ensure that the right solution is delivered not only in terms of content but also cost and performance.

Please see our Consultancy page for more details on how we can help you

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- Business Intelligence
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- Solution Architecture

- Bespoke Application Design
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